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How to download Twitter video online

Needing to download some video from Twitter? So we’ll show you the easiest peasy way, just follow the steps below.

How to copy twitter video link to download

1. Copy the video link

Right below the video on Twitter there is the option “Share”, tapping on the icon will open a menu where you can select the option “Copy link from Tweet”.

Paste the Tweet url

2. Paste the link in the form

With the link copied, tap for 1 second or right-click on the form above and select “Paste”.

Choose the quality of the video to be downloaded

3. Choose video quality

Okay, now just select the quality of the video you want to download and wait for the file to be ready.

Supports the Most Popular Sources

You can check regularly updated supported sources list.

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Twitter video downloader
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Frequently asked questions

Did you have any doubts? Perhaps these frequently asked questions will help you.

  • To download Twitter videos from your Android or iPhone phone is very simple, at the bottom of the Tweet of the video you want to download there is the option to share, just tap on this option and select the “Copy Tweet link”. Okay, now you have the link saved. Now you can go to and paste the link into the form, tapping on it for a second until the paste option appears. With the link pasted, just tap on “Download” and choose the desired video quality.

  • To download video Tweets from your computer, you need to copy the Tweet link. To do this, just click on the share icon that is right below the Tweet, which is represented by an up arrow. By clicking on this option, a menu will open where you have the button “Copy Tweet link”, just click on it and the video link will be copied. Now just access the website and paste the link in the form, right-clicking and selecting the “paste” option. After that, just click on “Download” and select the quality, and the video download will start in a few seconds.

  • Once the video is finished downloading, by default it will be saved in the “Downloads” folder on both your phone and computer. By mobile, you can also access it through the gallery.

  • Yes, all the functions of downloading videos from Twitter and other social networks that Pocbi provides are completely free.

  • To download any video from Twitter without having to install any application on your cell phone, just access the website To download any video you will only need the link of the Tweet you want to download, you can see how you can copy the link in the tutorial above.

  • After you downloaded the video, you can access the file in the “Downloads” folder on your device or through the gallery. When opening the file you will have the option to share, just tap on this option, select WhatsApp and the contact or group you want to send the video.

  • Right after the file is downloaded to your cell phone, following the tutorials above, the videos or photos will automatically appear for you in your cell phone gallery.

  • The quality of the video or photo will be the same as the original file that is available on Twitter.